1965 Vespa Super Sport 180 (C-136) (Sold)

In the mid-60’s, the Super Sport was the top of the line Vespa. Sleek and sporty, the Super Sport certainly has presence. It is a scooter that really straddles the transition of the Vespas from the old style to the new. It has the more angular body work of the later scooters, but was the last to retain the piston-ported style motor used by Piaggio from the very first Vespas. The Super Sports were only made for a few years, and are not common today. These scooters have a real presence, and are certainly physically larger, and more powerful than their contemporary Vespa 150’s. This particular scooter is in good shape overall, and falls in the “rider” category. It looks good, but has an older repaint. It has a few cosmetic needs for use as a daily driver, but not too many. If you wanted to take this scooter to the next level, it is an ideal basis for a restoration. The body is straight and totally rust-free. Ride or restore, you decide!






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