1970 Lambretta DL150

The Lambretta DL/GP’s were the last of the line. The last model that Innocenti sold before the shuttered the factory making Lambrettas. Luckily for us scooter lovers, when they closed the factory, Innocenti sold all of the tooling for the scooters to a company in India, who kept making this model up until the early 2000’s. That said, the Italian-made models were of a vastly superior quality to the Indian ones. For that reason, and because relatively few DL/GP’s were made in Italy, they are highly sought after. This is one of those Italian DL’s. This model was called the DL (or De Luxe) in Italy, but was badged as the GP (or Gran Prix) in some export markets like the UK. This particular scooter is even more rare because it was in the U.S. from new. Innocenti pretty much shut down their US sales division in the late 60’s, and the last Lambrettas sold in any number here were the SX200/150Special/Li150. However, a handful of DL/GP’s were imported, mainly for use by municipal fleets. Several police departments on the East Coast used Lambrettas for traffic duty. While we can’t be sure that this one was officially imported at that point, it is clear that it was in the U.S. from the beginning. The main proof is in the parking sticker from the University of Virginia from 1971. The paint on this scooter is original as far as we can tell. It just looks right. When we got the scooter, the motor had been upgraded, and the cylinder was no longer original. Keeping with that theme, we totally went through the motor top-to-bottom. Our aim was to keep it externally stock looking, but build a very quick and reliable scooter. We installed a new high performance cylinder, upgraded the carburetor, upgraded the exhaust, installed an electronic ignition, new high performance crankshaft, and generally dialed the whole thing in for maximum reliability. This scooter cooks! It is fairly easy to make a Lambretta go fast, but is is very tricky to get them to be rock-solid reliable at the same time. This scooter has been our shop “test bed,” and has benefited from a very long period of research into various performance components. Come by and take it for a ride… you’ll be hooked!






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