1956 Vespa Handlebar (C-155)

This is an extremely nice 1956 Vespa. We restored this scooter from the ground up in our Italian restoration shop. What a beauty! This is the sort of scooter that gives one a real sense as to why people walked into a showroom and bought one. The original color suits the lines of the body very well. We outfitted the scooter with what were probably the most common options back in the day, the rear passenger seat, spare tire, and speedometer. The rear seat is removable to use the rack it sits on as a luggage tray. We rebuilt the motor, replaced all the internal parts, installed new electrical wiring, new control cables, new seat covers, and the list goes on. We essentially built a new scooter all the way around. You would be hard pressed to find a better ‘56 Vespa in North America.






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