1965 Vespa 180 Super Sport (IC-153)

In the mid-60’s, the Super Sport was the top of the line Vespa. Sleek and sporty, the Super Sport certainly has presence. It is a scooter that really straddles the transition of the Vespas from the old style to the new. It had the more angular body work of the later scooters, but was the last to retain the piston-ported style motor used by Piaggio from the very first Vespas. There are quite a few styling details that set them apart from the other Vespas. The aluminum trim on the cowls and mudguard, the trapezoidal healight (only offered on the SS and GL in the U.S. market), and the over-sized cowls, are all things that make the Super Sport one the best Vespas ever made. The Super Sports were only made for a few years, and are not common today. They were the top sporting Vespa of their time, and as you might expect, they have lots of power. This is a scooter that can still zoom through fifty years after it was made. It is simply a great scooter, and always one that is at the top of the list for a classic Vespa you can really ride. They are certainly among our favorites!






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