1956 Vespa GS VS2 (C-154) (Sold)

This 1956 Vespa GS VS2 is a beauty to behold. It represents the first of the yearly updates to the GS line, and incorporated virtually all of the design cues that would connect the GS’s through the VS5. The VS2 were never sold in the U.S., and they are extremely rare, even in Italy. Once we acquired it in Italy, we took it to our restoration facility there, and treated it to the care and respect it deserves. The paint, as you can see is very nice. All of the perishable components have been replaced, such as the seat, grips, tires, etc. The motor has been rebuilt, and this scooter runs wonderfully. We have only seen a handful of VS2’s in our years of scootering, and we have sought to acquire every one we have found during our Italian searches. We just love the little details that make the VS2 visually stunning. Things like the rectangle tail light, the “pull ring” cowl latch, the four lug wheels, and the large square speedometer, are all details that excite us every time we see this scooter. We are happy to offer this excellent and very rare scooter to be a part of your collection.






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