1954 Vespa Faro Basso VN1 (C-152) (Sold)

We found this 1954 Vespa in Italy, and knew we had found a good one. The scooter was in good shape, but was not perfect. We took it to our Italian restoration facility and refurbished the whole scooter. We replaced everything that was worn or old, and treated her to a new coat of paint. This is an early series VN1, so it has some transition features, most notably the round fan cover on the motor, which is quite distinctive. Another interesting feature on this scooter is the lack of a steering column lock. The scooter also has some of its original accessories, including the very pretty spare tire cover. The lines on the faro basso scooters can’t be beat. Overall, this is a very appealing package. It is the sort of scooter that you would have found swarming the streets of Italy in the 50’s. Since these scooters were ridden hard, not many have survived. Come take a look and feel the unique ride of a faro basso, and you’ll be hooked!






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