1976 Vespa 150 Super (C-33) (Sold)

This is an extremely well preserved Vespa Super. You simply don’t see many scooters from the 70’s in such great original condition anymore. The Super was the last of the line for the 8” wheel Vespas that began with the first scooters Piaggio produced in the 1940’s. By this point, the design had been developed to perfection. Mechanically, it is hard to beat the simple 150cc two-port motor. By this point, U.S. models had oil injection, but all the Supers benefited from improved brakes and stronger transmissions over the earlier 8” wheel scooters. These motors are strong, and virtually indestructible when properly cared for. The most enticing thing about this scooter is its extraordinary originality. It has only 440 miles on the clock! This scooter is a time-capsule. It has all of the now-rare original U.S. market parts like the turn signals and the rear tail light. For many years, scooterists removed these, and it is quite hard to find a scooter that still has them all onboard. There are many original details on this scooter, and the more you look the more you notice. For example, there are the small things, like the original brass screws on the U.S. only headlight bezel, the original sealed beam headlight, the original seat, and the little “R” on the “Vespa” legshield emblem, the CEV large reflectors on the front mudguard, the factory paint mark on the engine cases, and the list goes on. The details matter when it comes to originality, and this scooter has them all lined up. The only obvious non-original thing on the scooter are the painted wheel hubs, which could easily be rectified, if you so choose. As we know, original unrestored vehicles are the gold standard for collectors. It has been years since we found a Super this nice. Make it yours while you can.






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