1972 Vespa 150 Super (B-188) (Sold)

Some might say that the Super was the last in the long line of Vespas, beginning with the very first model Piaggio produced. Indeed, it was the last of the Vespas with 8” wheels, and was the last with the frame layout used by that very first Vespa. These also had the very last and most developed version of the two port rotary valve motor, first used in the Vespa 150 in 1959. While they don’t have the top speed of a 200cc scooter, the Supers are still quite peppy, and above all, fun to ride. Their 8” wheels give them a low center of gravity and low seat height that make them quite maneuverable. Yes, they are an excellent city ride. This particular scooter came to our shop as a stalled restoration project. The previous owner had taken it apart decades ago, and never managed to get it back together. We completely rebuilt the motor, and installed all new parts for the controls and electrics. We opted to keep the original paint, since it was in pretty good condition with some nice patina. This is a scooter to ride, for sure. The dead reliable motor is as good as new, and will be good for many years of excellent scooting. The color is right, the motor is fresh, and the summer is just around the corner… it is hard to go wrong with this beauty.






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