2005 Vespa PX150E (C-149) (Sold)

The PX was only officially sold in the US in small numbers in 1984, and the PX disc in even smaller numbers in 2005. They are sweet scooters for sure, and our choice for a daily ride. The PX has great bright lights, turn signals, and most importantly the excellent disc brake. Carving through city traffic on a PX is just a joy. This is a very clean low mileage example, and it rides like a brand new scooter. We’ve been fortunate enough to find several of these one-year only scoots, but there can’t be many more out there. We would be happy to regale you with the high points of the PX, but it would take hours. Come on by, and we’ll give you the low-down. Suffice it to say, they are fantastic.






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