1962 Vespa GL (IC-133)

This is a very early first year production G.L. The Vespa G.L. is one of the most harmonious of the Vespa designs. It just looks right from every angle. The soft curves and nice trim set it off nicely. It could be considered a “transition” model, as it has hints of the harder lines on the later 60’s Vespas, but overall, it is like Piaggio used a soft-focus lens on the design. It is one of our favorites… and also practical. It has essentially the same motor as in the earlier VBB models, but with taller gearing to handle the 10” wheels. These motors are bulletproof. This really is the sort of scooter that is perfect for getting around the city. This particular scooter was restored in Italy before we acquired it, and it looks really good. The scooter was registered with the Italian vehicle federation, and wears a special badge (the badge can be easily removed). This one is ready to ride or show!






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