1960 Vespa G.S. 150 VS5 (IC-130)

The Vespa GS 150 had a long production run, and the last version made was the “VS5.” Fast and smooth, the VS5 was really the benchmark for scooters in its day. Even now, they hold their own in modern traffic… which is saying something, considering they are over sixty years old at this point. The GS oozes style from every angle. As we always like to point out, there is not a straight line on this scooter. Even the floorboards are slightly curved! This one is a survivor with patina. It looks largely original, though we’ll have to do some more investigation to say how much of the paint is original or whether it is just a nicely aged older restoration. What we can say for sure is that this scooter has tons of original details. We especially love that it retains the original stainless steel legshield trim that is simply unobtainium these days. That is a strong sign that this scooter has lead a charmed life, as this trim is always the first to get damaged in a fall. We also love the original dealer badge on the legshield, which lends the scooter even more appeal. This is just a great scooter that looks fantastic and has just the right amount of patina. Leave it as-is or polish it up? The choice is yours, but either way, you’ll have a winner.






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