1952 Vespa Faro Basso V31 (IC-124) (Sold)

The 1950’s in Italy… what a time! People were slowly gaining more money, and the Vespa was everywhere. Transportation was important, but getting there stylishly was perhaps of equal priority. You can see it in the period photos, and even in movies from this period. Check out “La Dolce Vita” or “Roman Holiday,” and look in the background, you’ll see what we mean. The 50’s Vespa is most certainly of its time, but it is the design that makes it timeless. That is why we have scoured Italy to find some of the best examples of the 50’s Vespa. This 1952 model is one of them. It was restored in Italy to a very good standard, and just looks great. By this time all of the key elements of the Vespa were in place, and Piaggio would only make minor alterations to this design throughout the 50’s. The ‘52 has all of the design cues that excite us - the faro basso “fender light,” and the cut open engine cowl are both here. Plus, it has some other functional improvements that would remain for later scooters, like the cable-operated gear change and the shock on the front wheel. The style of the faro basso can’t be denied, it is an all time classic. We believe that they hold a place of honor in any vintage vehicle collection.






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