1956 Vespa G.S. VS2 (IC-117) (Sold)

Beauty and rarity, that pretty much encapsulates the Vespa GS VS2. A rare one it is indeed… not sold in the U.S., the VS2 is not one you see very often. In fact, we’ve never seen any other than the few we’ve been fortunate enough to import. We scoured Italy, and even there, these are very hard to find. When we found this one, we knew we had to have it! At this point, it does need a bit of this and that, but it is worth the effort it will take to bring it up to the next level. It is a VS2 after all! As you know, the GS 150 was made from ‘55-‘61, with various changes made throughout the production run. The early changes were significant enough, that the frame numbers changed for each version - VS1 through VS5. The VS2 was one year only, and it is easy to see the difference from the VS1 that was made the year before. The VS2 is historically significant because it was the first Vespa that had the cables and electrical wiring fully enclosed in the handlebars. Like the other GS models, it was fast and smooth, not to mention extremely stylish. This is a scooter for the serious scooterist.






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