2005 Vespa PX150E (I-178) (Sold)

The Vespa P-series has been in continuous production since 1977. There were a few changes over the years, most notably in the 1983 refresh, which was dubbed the “PX.” The PX soldiered on without much change until 2000, when the “millennium edition” added some chrome trim and real stopping power with a disc brake. The PX was only officially sold in the US in small numbers in 1984, and the PX disc in even smaller numbers in 2005. This is one of those few 2005 US imports. They are sweet scooters for sure. The disc brake is just fantastic, and it makes you wonder why it took Piaggio so long to install one on their scoots. This is pretty much the ultimate in vintage modern. If you want to know what it would be like to buy a new 40 year old scooter, the PX is the way to go. Modern lights, electric start, disc brake, a gas gauge, and a comfy seat… yeah, you get all that… but you also get the classic two stroke motor, sound, and feeling. What a scooter! It is no surprise that we use a PX as our daily ride. This scooter has some extra show and extra go. It has nice chrome rear crash bars and a chrome rack as well as a fun vintage looking badge embellisher. It also has cool Mod stickers (which can be easily removed if you desire). The stock exhaust has been upgraded to a performance exhaust to give the scooter a bit more pep. The scooter is an extremely low mileage original scoot, which just adds to the overall package.






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