1964 Vespa GS 160 (C-100) (Sold)

The Vespa GS is not only one of the best scooters ever made, but it is still one that you can ride daily even today. Coveted by scooterists, the GS 160 can be hard to find in “rider” condition. Most of them have been restored to perfection at this point. However, here is one that is nice, but not too nice. It is in good shape overall and will look nice speeding down the street. It does have some flaws and imperfections, but these just make it a scooter that you won’t be afraid to park out on the street while you go to the movies. The scooter is also very solid, and it would fairly easy to take to the next level if you wanted to go that route. A daily driver G.S.? Yes please!






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