1970 Lambretta DL200 (L-39)

We scour the globe for the best scooters available, and we sure hit paydirt with this Lambretta DL 200. These scooters were badged as “DL” (or De Luxe) for the Italian market, and “GP” (or Gran Prix) in other markets. The DL/GP model was the last scooter model to be produced by the Italian factory, and was later licensed to a factory in India. The Italian version is far superior in quality to the Indian, and they are highly coveted. Only around 9,000 of the DL/GP 200’s were produced in Italy, making them the rarest of all the Innocenti 200’s. These were not sold in the U.S., and as far as we know, there are only a handful of the genuine Italian-made DL/GP 200’s in the U.S. This is really the kind of scooter we covet… in the “sweet spot,” not freshly restored, but still looking really nice. The kind of scooter you can ride and not be overly concerned about getting a little scratch. It has had the paint work done in the past, but in the original color. It looks great, but has some age patina here and there. This ain’t a garage queen, but a real rideable classic. With the low production numbers on the 200’s and the fact that these have been in high demand pretty much since they were new, there are not a lot of them around in any condition. This one’s a gem!






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