1956 Vespa GS VS2 (IC-128) (Sold)

Wow, a Vespa GS VS2! The GS went through several versions, noted by their frame number designations - from VS1 to VS5. The VS2 is very rare, and even more rare in this country. These were never sold here, and there are only a handful in the U.S. When we uncovered this scooter while searching in Italy, we knew we had to have it. While not a concourse level restoration, this is a very presentable and rideable classic. We are just suckers for the 10” four-lug wheels on these early GS’s, they look so cool. This scooter adds too the cool-factor with the in-line spare tire holder. While there was a spare tire holder that held it against the legshield, this in-line version was the sport riders’ choice. This scooter even has the original “Vespa” stamped keys! For the scooterist looking for something out of the ordinary and very collectible, this is the scoot!






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