1957 Vespa Faro Basso (IC-111) (Sold)

This is a super cool scooter… When we first saw it, all we could say was “wow!” The patina on this scooter is just fantastic. When you see it, you just know every bump and bruise tells a story. It just looks soooo cool. In a line-up of scooters, this is the one that draws your eye. An added bonus on this one are all of the fantastic original accessories. Many of the accessories on this scooter are extremely rare, and quite valuable on their own. One of our favorites is the rear seat set up for side-saddle riding. You know, in the 50’s it was quite unseemly for a woman to be riding on the back in a skirt unless she was side-saddle. If you have never tried riding as a passenger this way - it is hard to do! This accessory made side-saddle riding much easier and more stable. The rear crashbars are really neat, and have a footrest for the passenger. This also has an original “performance” exhaust. Those old exhausts make a wonderful noise. What a great scoot!






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