About Us

Bello Moto, we have a passion for scooters. Our team of scooter enthusiasts has been riding, repairing, and collecting scooters for over 20 years. We love what we do.

We have recently moved to a new custom built facility in San Francisco. We have over 100 vintage scooters for sale or in our collection. Our new workshop has extra space for even the biggest service or restoration job.

While we specialize in vintage scooters, we welcome all scooterists. We love vintage as well as modern scoots!

Our scooters have won awards at some of the major concourse events in the area, including the Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering and the Concorso Italiano.


We sponsor periodic events at our San Francisco location. Past events have included a large Open House in November 2015 and a series of lectures starting in February 2016. Join our mailing list or check our Facebook page for info on upcoming events!

Our Team:

Joe is the man that makes it all happen. He’s the person you’ll likely first meet at Bello Moto. He’s supremely knowledgeable about scooters and their mysterious inner workings. Aside from being handy with a wrench, he is also a trained chef, a vintage car enthusiast, and knows his way around a boat. How’s that for diverse interests!

Gianluca is the driving force behind Bello Moto. It was his vision and tenacity that has propelled the shop to all the success it has had thus far. Growing up in Italy, his love for scooters was planted at a young age.

Xavier is the organizational backbone of the shop. He is the one that keeps us on track both functionally and financially. Xavier grew up in France, where scooters are as much a part of the culture as in Italy.

Paul is our go-to man for vintage scooter information. He has owned, repaired, and, ridden scooters for over 20 years. His passion for Vespas and Lambrettas runs deep. When we need a rare part, he’s our guy to hunt it down. If you want to talk scooters for hours, he’s your man!






1690 Jerrold Ave

Suite B

SF, CA 94124

Winter Shop Hours

Tue, Thurs, and Sat

10AM - 2PM

Other days or times by appointment